Erika O Syrah 2017


A vintage of exceptional quality. The post-harvest period was very hot and dry, which led to early leaf fall and the accumulation of reserves was moderate. Winter arrived late but was cold enough to break dormancy. Although rainfall was higher than the previous season it was still below average and soil water levels remained under pressure.

Spring arrived on time and warm weather in August contributed to somewhat earlier than normal, but even bud burst. October and November were characterised by cool nights and warm days, that was beneficial to flowering and berry set. The growing season and especially harvest time will be remembered for cooler nights and warmer, drier days. Harvest started one week later than normal and the Syrah was harvested by hand on 3 March 2017.

The dry, warm weather resulted in healthy grapes and small berries with good intensity. The greater variation between night and day temperatures during the ripening stage gave the colour and flavour formation a further boost, which is indicative of remarkable quality wines. The wine quality of the 2017 vintage is exceptional and the wines will have excellent ageing potential.

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Erika O Syrah 2017


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