La Boucher

La Boucher wines is a family owned winery run by the Boucher & Els families. Wine and family is our life. There is no place on earth like in the vineyards, magical and full of life. We source our grapes from Stellenbosch region. Cooler climate from the sea breeze and old granite soils allowing production of top quality wines. 

The name La Boucher comes from the time of the first Huguenots embarking to the Cape of Good Hope. Boucher is a surname that evolved during the medieval era in the French region of Champagne. It was an occupational name for someone who worked as a butcher. The name originally derived from the Old French word bochier, which means”butcher”. Yet the first Boucher Huguenots used the name La Boucher to hide identities as they escaped France.

The Boucher family is in its 6th generation of farming but only in its first generation of winemaking. The first generation was Pierrè la Boucher who was a sheep farmer from France that settled in the Cape wine lands, planting a small patch of vines for other winemakers and farming life stock. Before the second generation could continue this tradition the family moved up north. It would take the 6th generation to return back to the wine industry in 2013. In 2018 the Boucher and Els families came together to preserve this beautiful part of history and pursue their own passion.

The vineyards are grown on old granite soils on the slopes of the Bottelary Hills, in eyesight of the Atlantic Ocean and has a perfect combination of all that is needed to create full-bodied, fruity wines.




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