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Martin “Marras” Lamprecht graduated at Elsenburg Agricultural Training Institute as the top male student in 2010 with a Cum Laude in B.Agric cellar technology.

David Nieuwoudt of Cederberg Cellars mentored Martin with various techniques “from vineyard to bottle”. Being a quick learner, Martin rapidly became successful as a winemaker with his own personal touch. Appreciating various styles of winemaking, Martin decided that he needed a bit of French flair to broaden his knowledge and embarked on a journey to experience French winemaking at its best. “They taught me how to produce wine that correctly showcase the history of the vineyard and its people.”

Martin’s French experience was particularly beneficial as it involved working with varietals (cultivars), which grow particularly well in the Swartland and Piekenierskloof areas, where the Marras grapes grow lusciously. The Piekenierskloof region is the ideal spot for a tough top-class wine-producing grape, as it’s exposed to extreme conditions. Piekenierskloof is the mountain pass between Piketberg and Citrusdal, over the Olifants River Mountains. With warm inland temperatures rising from the Swartland during the day and cool Atlantic sea breezes rolling in overnight, these grapes grow in a dryer soil with just enough water to produce grapes that add depth and complexity to every single sip.




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